Rex’s Pictures and Things

I am a member of StillsV3 , MFT and FCC.

I purchased an Olympus E1 in November 2003 and joined MFT sometime after. MFT has allowed Nora and me to meet photographers from all over the world. We have had several holidays and ‘meets’ with other photographers. Our horizons have been expanded and we have been fortunate to make some good friends!!

In June 2008 I purchased an E3 without a lens. Caroline had been kind to me and left some lenses for me when she died, it was part of the reason for sticking with Olympus.

I am also a member of the Fordingbridge Camera Club. This is a small club with about 50 members. However the club is lively and friendly. We meet every other week but also have ‘in between’ meetings called Photo Forum. These are very informal and wander where the members desire. We normally have a discussion about each others images brought in on the night and then we have a technical problems/how do I do that type discussion. It is an interesting mix which can be very stimulating.

I am not sure how to describe my photography. I like abstractions, patterns, the monochromatic, humour, juxtapositions and absurdities.

Perhaps I should let you be the judge!


Some Examples of my Photography

Vigeland sculpture Park in Oslo on a visit to see Caroline Skilbred.

Ironbridge Steel Sculpture Museum

opened specially for Nora and me!